Flowchart: Alternate Process: Flowchart: Alternate Process: Flowchart: Alternate Process: Flowchart: Alternate Process: 10/100 Base-TX to 100 Base-FX converter 
 Flowchart: Alternate Process: 1000 Base-TX to 1000 Base-FX converter 
10/100/1000 Base-T to SFP Converter 
10/100 Base-TX to 100 Base-FX (LFP) 
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Flowchart: Alternate Process: Text Box: Flowchart: Alternate Process: 1000 Base-TX to 1000 Base-FX converter 
Multimode to Single-mode media converters
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Flowchart: Alternate Process: Flowchart: Alternate Process: Flowchart: Alternate Process: 14/16 slots 
Chassis Rack 
SNMP Managed Media converter 
4 X 10/100 Base-Tx to 
1 X 100 Base-Fx Switches 
6 X 10/100 Base-Tx to 
2 X 100 Base-Fx Switches 
Giga Bit Ethernet 
to SFP Port 
4 x10/100/1000Mbps 
RJ-45 ports  to 2xSFP Switch 
Flowchart: Alternate Process: 10/100/1000M PoE (PSE) Media Converter 
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Industrial Media Converter

Fiber Optic Network Media Converters


     We produce various types of media converters, which can transform signals among Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1, DS3, ATM, V.35, etc. Our network media converters are used in Cisco Systems, IBM, Nortel, Microsoft and ADC systems. These world leading companies cut cable costs using media converters. Using Transition Point System advantages, users can cut costs without downgrading performance. We aim to cooperate with user’s existing network equipment without affecting its appearance or whole performance.

Media converters are becoming more and more used around the globe. Our high quality fiber optic media converters are available in many different types.  If you do not see the type you are looking for, then just simply send us a quick email and we’ll be able to locate the exact type you need or we’ll manufacture it.

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